1935 - Westward Shipping was first formed as Westward Towing Co. Ltd operating tugs and barges along the coastline of B.C.

1946 - The company was appointed managing operators of Canadian registered tankers and petroleum barges and changed the company name to Westward Shipping Ltd. The company rapidly diversified its agency activities to tramps, specialized carriers and ultimately, liner services.

1955 - Management of the company was assumed by D. Murray Williams and controlling interest went from the Johnson family to Straits Towing Ltd. The Kenwa Maru, owned by Nitto Line, Japan was the first dry cargo ship attended by the company, in 1955.

1960 - Straits Towing's shares were acquired by D. Murray Williams and Maurice Fellis implementing the philosophy still applied today, of employee ownership.

1964 - The existing 14 Japanese lines merged into 6 and Japan Line was formed by the merging of Nitto Line and Daido Line.

1968 - Westward Shipping handled the first containers to move across Canada, from a conventional vessel at Ballantyne Pier on flat deck railcars, to Toronto.

1980 - The company expanded nationally, establishing offices in Toronto and Montreal and assumed the Canadian national representation of Japan Line Ltd, Tokyo.

Maurice Fellis was appointed President & CEO and D. Murray Williams continued to play an active role in the company, as Chairman.

1985 - Represented 50 years of experience and progress for Westward Shipping. The anniversary was marked with the printing of a nostalgic memoir written by Norman Hacking entitled "The Two Barneys".

1991 - Westward Shipping began their long and continuing association with Maruba s.c.a., Argentina.

1996 - Maurice Fellis retired as President and continues to play an active role in the company, as Chairman, Emeritus. Joseph Nicol was appointed President and COO.

1999 - Joseph Nicol retired and Gilles Langlais was appointed President & CEO.

2009 - Gilles Langlais retired as President and will continue to play an active role on the Board of Directors. Ralph Steffenhagen was appointed President & CEO.

Present - Westward Shipping remains firmly committed to playing a leading role in the industry. We continue to be progressive in adapting our systems to the ongoing changes in reporting requirements.

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